About my weaving.

All my life, I've loved to work with my hands. Consequently I've practised nearly every kind of needlecraft. But nothing has consumed me as weaving, which has become my passion.

It was kind of a coincedence, that got me started; but then it seemed like I was trying to catch up with all the wasted years. I rushed home to my husband and forced him to build me a loom the very same day, and I started my first tapestry right away. Since then my husband has made me better and better loom's, and bigger and bigger, until they reached the form and size, I find ideal.

My tapestries are mostly landskapes. I'm deaply fascinated by landskapes, and I never grow tired af weaving them, no matter how hard,it can be to make them look exactely as I want. The landskapes can be abstract, but they insists on showing up on my tapestries.

On some of my tapestries there are Nordic rock carvings weaved in ( from the bronze age ). They have always fascinated me since they are some of our oldest art. They are sort of "in the air" in some of my tapestries.

Most of of my tapestries are in "tall" format. The size is useally around 120 - 125 cm tall and 75 - 80 cm wide.

I started weaving sometime in the 70'es, and I've had exhibitions ever since the first in 1980. Among other, I've had exhibitions in Ålborg, Kolding, Århus, at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum in Thy and in Rathaus Norderstedt, Hamburg.